Van Learners Bridge Results

July 17, 2023

Section B
VanLearners Monday Eve Session July 17, 2023
Leaders after  6 rounds  Average:   18.0
Place   Pct   Score  Pair
  1   65.28   23.50   B-6   Carol Ward - JoAnne Douglas
  2   65.28   23.50   B-7   Joan Christensen - Cindy Chan
  3   62.50   22.50   B-3   Curtis Ballard - Elizabeth Ballard
  4   56.94   20.50   B-1   Marlee Sheinin - Barbara Spitz
  5   43.06   15.50   B-2   Cathy Brown - Diane O'Connor
  6   41.67   15.00   B-8   Pam Tomlins - Tim Tomlins
  7   33.33   12.00   B-5   Linda Collins - Jaquie Brown
  8   31.94   11.50   B-4   Doug MacDougall - Donna Bridgeman

Congrats to the winners! And well done to all for playing six rounds of two. Lots of moving around, but we did get to play all 12 boards and face six of the other seven pairs in the game. And you all managed it with a minimum of confusion; bravo!

Didn't do as well as you hoped? Don't worry; it's 12 boards and there is a large luck factor in short sessions, so there are increased chances of scores outside the normal range of about 35-65%.

McBruce's notes on the hands, along with the deal diagrams and the results when played in the open game (pdf) are here.

Our game is posted online here, but not until the open game ends as well.