Van Learners Bridge Results

October 23, 2023

Section B  North-South
VanLearners Monday Eve Session October 23, 2023
Leaders after  5 rounds  Average:   37.5
Place   Pct   Score  Pair
  1   60.60   45.45   B-1   Ian Wong - Alex Douglas
  2   58.73   44.05   B-6   Pam Tomlins - Tim Tomlins
  3   53.40   40.05   B-2   Marlee Sheinin - Barbara Spitz
  4   45.20   33.90   B-3   Diane O'Connor - Robert George
  5   44.60   33.45   B-5   Curtis Ballard - Elizabeth Ballard
  6   37.47   28.10   B-4   Scott Turner - Cindy Grauer

Section B  East-West
VanLearners Monday Eve Session October 23, 2023
Leaders after  5 rounds  Average:   37.5
Place   Pct   Score  Pair
  1   55.53   41.65   B-2   Amanda Hill - David Hsu
  2   52.07   39.05   B-6   Brenda MacLean-Longpre - Doug MacDougall
  3   50.60   37.95   B-1   Ruth Castellino - Cathy Brown
  4   44.00   33.00   B-5   Carol Ward - Joan Christensen
  5   43.00   32.25   B-3   Jaquie Brown - Andrew Mason
 NE   54.80   41.10   B-4   Vicki Torbett - Nolan Derby

Congrats to the winners!

Didn't do as well as you hoped? Don't worry; it's 15 boards and there is a large luck factor in short sessions, so there are increased chances of scores outside the normal range of about 35-65%. Things tend to even out over time, but less time means less even-ing out!

Thanks to Nolan Derby for filling in after we lost a player at gametime. (Nolan's a bit too experienced for the game, so we had to make him and his partner 'NE'-non-eligible. I should have selected a slightly different movement than the one I selected, which expected six rounds of three and playing only five meant different boards were played different numbers of times, which set the computer in motion applying the Neuberg formula to ensure all boards were worth the same number of matchpoints. That's why all of the scores above are in decimals.

It took only a few minutes in today's game for players to discover that the deal diagrams on the notes did not match the actual cards in the boards. It took several rounds for me to figure out why. What happened was that the North Shore event on the weekend was sent to me and I accidentally selected that set to make the notes from, while also using the results from the BridgeMate data file from last week. So, after five hours on the bus from Kamloops, I sat down in front of my computer to prepare the notes and for eighteen boards I looked at the results from last week and the cards from the Saturday event and not once did I notice that they didn't match! (I'm guessing that the notes were maybe not so good....) We'll be back with more notes next week for you to look at. The hands you played tonight are the ones played by the open game last week and the deal diagrams and results are at the link below (or will be shortly after the open game ends).

Our game is posted online here shortly after the main game ends.