Deal Of The Week: January 12, 2023

A Unique Opportunity

Except, maybe not

Many, many years ago, I was playing in a Swiss Teams match against a fairly strong local pair, a seven board match, and I noticed after five boards that the opponents agreed, at least in their comments to one another, that the first five boards were not very swingy and might end up as pushes. Then on the penultimate board my partner failed to alert a forcing notrump, some ruling, the details of I don't remember today, but at the time felt a bit dubious, was made after some very overblown protests, and I went for a number. And on the final deal I picked up a huge hand after RHO opened 1 as dealer:

A Q   void   A K Q   A K T 9 7 6 5 2  

We clearly needed a swing and I chose to overcall 7. LHO led a spade and partner turned up with the Q and two more! The swing won the match for us, and the first five boards were, in fact, pushes. As the opponents left I overheard the player who had led partner's suit against 7 say "he would never have done that if we hadn't insisted on the ruling on the previous board." I stayed calm and silent but had one thought:

Ya think?

Here is a recent deal that recalled that incident so many years later. It was a 12-board match against the Bridge app on my cellphone where the other table and the three other players at my table are all computer bridge players. Scores are checked after every board and I knew I was ten IMPs back going into the last board. Click the Next button below repeated to watch the bidding and play and read the story below the diagram.

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